New Parts & Improvements

When you feel the need to get away...

You really can't improve much on a VW Westfalia, but after 15+ years restoring one to it's original glory and beyond can be a wallet consuming task.

I've learned a lot in the process of my changes. I strongly recommend the following changes for all similarly equipped vanagons: the wheels and tires (for safety), the big bumpers (for a feeling of safety), the window curtains (for campers). My original engine was plagued with problems, complicated by the failure of VW dealership service technicians, since swapping to the Tiico engine the van spends much more time on the road and I spend less time bumming rides to and from work.

Major Additions:

Minor Features/Additions: Repairs, partial list: Things that I have on order: Still To do: Stuff I'm still considering: