Some things you just have to do

When you feel the need to get away...

Okay, so there were some things I wasn't able to do in what might be considered the optimum way. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you might appreciate these techniques.

My cigarette lighter was rattling around in it's little plastic and looking very old and not exactly safe. I don't use the lighter, but thought it might be nice to have a clean socket to plug into. So I took out the lighter and the nifty little green light ring that holds it in the dash. It turns out the little green light thing had lost about all of its tabs which resulted in the wobbly behavior. So I went the my friend VW dealership and order both parts.... OBSOLETED! I got a nice new lighter, but the critical green thing has been obsoleted with no replacement part number. The horror! So I came home took the old one and my new lighter out to the van. Normally I'd do things like this in the dead of the night, but it's under the dash, so I needed to be able to see. I stuck the green thing in and began to apply three inch long chunks of electrical tape to the back side behind the dash. The results were passable, but I feel I'll have to come up with another solution before too long. At least now I have a new lighter socket.

Another minor irritant was one of my air conditioning vents was broken. You know those things on the front side of the air conditioner that control the direction of the air coming out. I had one that kept falling back into the air conditioner. After some looking I discovered both of the plastic tabs that held it in place and allowed it to swivel were broken. Checking a drawer I found some super glue. It doesn't swivel anymore. It doesn't fall out either.