Dax has a Toolbox

When you feel the need to get away... for a long time

Okay, so what exactly do you need to take with you on the road for tools. Well, in this case I decided to go on the experience of someone who'd been there. I searched the web and found the website dedicated to "Her Majesty" and the detail of the proper toolbox there. Armed with a summary of what was in there and a dose of testoterone I departed on the quest for tools.

The starter was a Craftsman 90pc Mechanics Toolset (All Metric). The appeal of this set was the lifetime warranty, the fact it had all I needed and more, and the case. I could have gotten a bunch if individual parts and paid more then had to improvise a container. I'm not that talented. The set has really more sockets than I need, but given the space it takes, it's not bad.

Contained in the stock set:

There was some spare space so I've added to the set

Other stuff that'll have to find a home somewhere else:

Miscellaneous spare parts to carry:

I'm sure the list will change, but that's a start.