This is a quick easy way to make Paneer, a soft cheese. The important piece here is the heat, the hotter the milk gets (without burning) the more readily it will curdle. This recipe is gluten-free and contains no preservatives.



  1. place milk in large heave based pot, when the milk begins to boil it will expand a lot, make sure your pot is large enough
  2. heat milk, stirring regularly and bring to a boil, yes a boil.
  3. when milk boils remove it from the heat, stir in the lemon juice, stirring gently one direction only for 2-3 minutes
  4. you should now have curds and whey, allow this to sit for 10 minutes for the curds to clump together
  5. place muslin cloth in a collander and rest the colander in a bowl
  6. pour the mixture into the cloth to catch the curds and strain the whey out
  7. gently squeeze out the whey until the cheese reaches the consistency you'd like.