Hot Buttered Rum


This is a traditional holiday/cold weather drink in my family. As you might guess from the contents, it's very rich and will give you all the calories you need to stay warm on a cold night in Siberia. The original recipe calls for the eggs. If you're concerned that bacteria in the eggs may live through the boiling water and the alcohol, omit them. Gluten-free and doesn't contain any preservatives.



  1. Melt butter over low heat, take care not to burn
  2. Add the spices to the butter and stir in.
  3. Pour the mixture over the brown sugar and mix thoroughly.
  4. Let mixture cool
  5. Once the mixture is thoroughly cooled, add the eggs. CAUTION: It really has to be cooled. If it's slightly warm, the eggs will slow cook and the mixture will taste gross and have white egg chunks in it.
  6. Store mixture in freezer.
  7. To serve pour 1 1/2 oz. rum & a generous tablespoon of mix into mug. Fill mug with boiling water and stir.
  8. Garnish with cinnamon stick if you're having fancy guests.