Gluten Free and Eating Different in Portland

Switching to a GF diet has been an enlightening experience. It is amazing how few of the raw cooking ingredients I am looking for are available in a major chain stores. This provides the obligation and the opportunity to support the small grocers who don't look at volume as the answer to all life's problems. I also like to cook food that gets the label of 'foriegn' in Maine so many of my spices are only available at small stores as well.

Stores you'll find some of the things you need:

* denotes locally owned independent businesses. Sun & Vientiane have great owner operators who really deserve your support.

Here is a list of ingredients and where to get them. This is not an exhaustive list, but I compiled it to compare prices and selection so I wouldn't end up running all over town for three things.
IngredientStorePriceQuantityPrice Per
Coconut PowderSun
Potato StarchSun$2.192lb$.068/oz
White Rice FlourSun$3.593lb$.075/oz
White Rice FlourShop N Save$.591lb$.037/oz
Glutinous Rice FlourSun$.891lb$.056/oz
Gram FlourSun$4.594lb 6.5oz$.065/oz
CornstarchWild Oats22oz
Potato StarchWild Oats24oz
Tapioca FlourWild Oats22oz
Quinola ElbowsWhole Grocer$.137/oz
Gillians RollsWhole Grocer$4.89/6
Brown Rice Bread (Food for Life)Whole Grocer$3.99
Dried Thai Hot PeppersVientiane
Bulk SpicesWhole GrocerReasonable
Zodiac VodkaWhole GrocerReasonable