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Artist: Liz Phair
Album: whitechocolatespaceegg

Released: 1998

Once again, Liz Phair shows that she is a growing as an artist. In her latest album, "whitechocolatespaceegg", she hones the offbeat approach that highlighted her previous releases. This effort is, however, much more smooth.

From the very first song, this is unmistakably Liz Phair. Although her lyrics have mellowed a bit from being "pottymouth girl", she still has an approach all her own. She combines strong rock guitar with strange rhythm shifts. She uses lyrical and inflection hooks mixed with fair measure of nostaglia synth and a touch of sing-song. The effect is pure Liz and very effective.

Of note, listen for the simplicity of arrangement ("Perfect World"), the standard Phair vocal overlays on "Johnny Feelgood" (oh yes, she does say fuck in that one), the racing and racey "Baby Got Going" (no, Liz has never listened to Michelle Shocked), a very Phair love song "Go on Ahead" (don't play it for your lover), and for those into the deep cigarret smoking voice Liz "Headache".

If you're interested a departure from standard pop or wish to mellow you're guitar rock down a bit, try out this album. If you're familiar with Phair, expect an album in line with her more mellodic pieces from prior releases.

Liz, if you happen to be reading this, yes, I will accept a private performance of "Flower" from Exile.