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"I'm living on things that excite me, be it pastries or lobster or love." -- Jimmy Buffett

Originally this page strated out as a place to learn HTML and code my quote server. But the quote server is on haitus and I only rarely code HTML anymore. Yes, you can do it by hand and not have it done for you with a GUI.

Another one of my projects is a home coded mp3 database, player, recorder, and ripper. I'm still adding features to it, but its basic functionality has been done for a while. It is the archive for most of my personal CD collection. I used to have links so you could look at the catalog or what was playing, but I've since moved this page to a different server in the outside world, so you'll just have to imagine. Because of changing needs this page has been stripped down tothe point where most of my cool stuff doesn't run on it anymore. Maybe when I have some more time I'll put some of the fun stuff back on, but probably not. I have tons of other projects that are more fun.

"We could plan a murder or start a religion." - Jim Morrison